Cover design by myself and Rhiannon Lynn Annin, the director.

Cover design by myself and Rhiannon Lynn Annin, the director.


My experience writing and working on “A Christmas Carol” was one of my favorites. Rhiannon Lynn Annin was a fabulous director with a great vision, and also a smart and simple lyricist. Our production was produced by the Artists’ Exchange in Cranston, RI. This arts organization works with Gateways to Change to give performance and artistic opportunities to people with all different abilities and talents. Rhiannon and I both approached the writing process knowing who our cast would be and even wrote songs for specific actors, so that they could shine the brightest! Collaboration is so important to me, and this experience was the epitome of that word.

This was also my first professional position writing original music for a production. Using instruments in my own studio and a mix of contemporary and period styles, I put together an homage to classic Christmas movies. Upbeat, energetic songs with heart-warming messages. I used to say “Just add jingle bells to a song and boom it’s a Christmas song”, but now I truly understand what that nostalgic sound is and how to achieve it.

Below, I’ve included some clips from our Cast Recording, which I recorded, produced and mixed.

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