Artwork and logo design by me.

Artwork and logo design by me.


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"Art" is a new musical about the effects of an extra chromosome on a family. Arthur has Down Syndrome. David does not. Their parents, Angie and Geoff, are still wrestling with how to raise two teenage boys in small-town-America, 1989. Fighting ignorance and living through hope each day

An art competition brings new opportunities for Arthur to express himself. Meanwhile, David wrestles with hurt and pain he's kept bottled up for years.

This is my newest (and most exciting) project. Three years ago, I had an idea for a musical led by a character with Down Syndrome; something that scared me so much then. I worried about perceptions. I worried that the theatre world wasn’t ready for a show like the one I wanted to make. So, the idea was shelfed. That is, until I picked up a copy of “Amy and the Orphans”, a play by Lindsey Ferrentino that had been Off-Broadway in 2018. I took that impulse purchase as a sign and began to pound away at my piano for many, many nights. Through those spontaneous musical moments, I began to form a three-tier story about family.

Our demo recording can be downloaded at the “Art” website:


We do ask that if you download, that you make a donation to the National Down Syndrome Society. Any donation amount is appreciated!


Additional Lyrics by Brian Roque

Make art that helps and heals...

Listen to the Score:

Official Demo Lyric video for "Another Day" from "Art", a new musical. Performed by Eden Casteel, Ethan J. Miller, and the vocal cast of The Demo Recording!