A Little About Me

Hello, friends! I’m so happy that you decided to visit my site. It’s there in my logo, but I’ll say it again here: Let music be personal. For me, music has always been an escape — a chance to reveal a part of myself that words alone couldn’t allow. Growing up in the theatre, my first love has always been Broadway music. The use of character and lyric always has intrigued me, even at a young age. Now as I’ve gotten older and my music knowledge has expanded, I realize that my infatuation with that style of music came out of the story-telling aspect of the songs. Also, Broadway composers have always fused together multiple genres, with shows in almost every category — in ways that I feel modern commercial music has only started to do in the last ten years.

Nevertheless, whether I am writing something for the theatre, or for a commercial artist, or even a jingle, I approach it all the same: from that personal place music sends me to. Music is one of the greatest universal languages, second only to Love.

I have been immensely blessed (Thank you, Lord) with unimaginable opportunities, and I simply cannot wait to have you be part of my next opportunity.

SERVICES (contact me for rates):

  • Digital Orchestra - making backing tracks using instrument parts or by ear.

  • Composing/Orchestrating - commercial music, orchestral music, film music.

  • Lyrics - personal, simple, focused.

  • Music Direction - for productions or groups. Shaping and finding a unique sound.

  • Teaching - all ages, from basic music to Creating music using audio software.

  • Voice Coaching - all genres, all ages. Getting back to basics and just SINGIN’!

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Ethan J. Miller

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